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What is an EPC?

An EPC, or Energy Performance Certificate, provides vital information on a building's energy efficiency and environmental friendliness, using categories on an A-G scale (A being the best, G being the worst) and numerical ratings out of 100 to indicate prospective heat and power costs and levels of CO2 production. It also indicates the level of improvement that can realistically be expected from having recommended changes to the property made.

Why do I need an EPC?

It is legally required that an up-to-date EPC be provided for review free of charge when a property is sold or offered in its entirety for rent, and that one be produced swiftly following the marketing of a property. As such it is illegal to advertise a building for sale or rent without displaying its energy rating, and estate agents or other third parties cannot market a property without an EPC at least commissioned. In the unlikely event that you find potential buyers or renters who don't ask to see an EPC early in the process, their solicitors certainly will at a later stage. It's faster, easier and cheaper for everyone if you get it sorted beforehand.

How are the EPC results calculated?

One of our fully-accredited Domestic Energy Assessors will visit the property to be rated and carry out a battery of tests to judge its current state and identify where there is room for improvement. Along with the certificate, they will provide you with a report of how the property could be altered to improve its efficiency ratings.

How can I improve my EPC rating?

Prior to the assessment being carried out at your property, there are a number of simple and significant alterations that you may choose to implement in order to ensure that you receive the best rating possible.

Though you are less likely to benefit from or receive a return on your investment against the more significant alterations, remember these can be implemented in your new home!